Dental Assistant Training in Phoenix,  AZ

If you’re working towards becoming a dental assistant in Phoenix, AZ, consider enrolling at the American Institute of Dental Assisting.

What makes AIDA different? We’re the only school in the state to offer live patient clinics. We believe in the impact of real-world experience. When you enroll in our school for dental assistant training in the Phoenix area, you’ll receive hands-on training from licensed dentists. Plus, you’ll get to work on live patients! That’s right—no plastic dummies, no impression trays.

Furthermore, AIDA is dedicated to flexibility. Our classes are for busy adults who are lifelong learners. For your convenience, we give you the choice between day, night, and weekend class schedules. You don’t need to worry about funding, either—we work with you to choose the payment option that best aligns with your financial situation.

We’re ready to prepare students for a rewarding career in the dental industry. We give all of our students the practical experience and skills necessary to excel while working as a dental assistant in Phoenix. Enrolling at AIDA’s Phoenix-area dental assistant training program gives you an advantage as you hunt for jobs because we put career-focused instruction at the heart of all our courses.

The best thing about AIDA is that you don’t have to spend years in school to finish a program. When you complete our Phoenix dental assistant training courses, you’ll finish in as little as 13 weeks. We’ve worked hard to develop a comprehensive program for our dental hygienist school in Phoenix, AZ, that includes everything you’ll need to know as a dental assistant. You’ll even receive career placement assistance from our dedicated team; many of our graduates find employment through their externship’s dental practice!

At the American Institute of Dental Assisting, you’re not just receiving a diploma—you’re receiving an education, a competitive edge in the job market, and a bright future. Begin your path to becoming a dental assistant by calling AIDA today at (480) 209-1392 to learn more about our Phoenix dental assistant training program!