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“It was a pleasure having Erika intern at our office. She absorbed new information very quickly, and demonstrated excellent dental assisting techniques.”

“Great experience with Kim and we would take more high quality students like her! (and we are picky!) Kim is one that I would hire in my office and will make a great assistant.”

“Damien jumped right in and gave anything and everything a try. He seemed genuinely interested in learning and followed directions very well, and took initiative appropriately. I think he will make a great team member wherever he ends up.”

“Amy has caught on faster than any assistant I have worked with. She will be great!”

“It was a pleasure working with Robert. He was a quick learner and did a great job! Good experience, yes, we enjoyed working with an intern and would be happy to do so again.”

“I have no doubt that Leslie will be a tremendous asset to any dental office.”

“Jayden was a pleasure to work with. She is very confident and can confront any situation with patients. She learns quickly and will be an asset to any office she goes to.”

“Great! Thanks for the opportunity to have Julie in our practice.”

“Nicole has a phenomenal attitude and is on track to be an excellent dental assistant!!”

“Wesley was a great intern who was willing to work and do any task given to him. He stayed with us during our late hours and when there was no work to do, he was observing to learn as much as possible. He did a great job making bleach trays. Always had a great attitude and pleasant demeanor. Any future interns with work ethic and attitude like Wesley are welcome at our office.”

“Yolanda was great to have in our office. She was very eager to jump in and learn. She also did an excellent job trimming models and helping out. I would hire her if a position opened up in my office.”

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