Dr. Eldon Hastings

Dr. Eldon Hastings received his Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) from Brigham Young University and his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 1969.
He graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent Training Academy and was employed by the FBI as a special agent in Texas, Washington, D.C. and New York City.
He served as a councilman on the Gilbert Town Council from 1985-1987 and as vice mayor of Gilbert from 1987-1989.
Dr. Hastings has been involved in the community as a member of East Valley Mental Health Association, Desert Samaritan Hospital Advisory Board, American Academy of preventive Dentistry and the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is a retired member in good standing of the American Dental Association and the Arizona Dental Society.
Dr. Hastings was appointed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and served as a commissioner on the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education.
Dr. Hastings practiced dentistry for 40 years in Arizona and retired in 2009. He now devotes his full time to the American Institute of Dental Assisting, Mesa, Arizona.

Tammy Bos D.A.
Director of Instructors, Instructor

Tammy graduated from a local dental assisting school and received her Arizona State x-ray certification in 1988. She is passionate about her career in dentistry and enjoys the opportunity of sharing experiences with her students. Tammy regularly attends continuing education classes to stay abreast of the latest innovations in dentistry. This helps her better assist her students to learn the skills they need to enter the dental assisting field. Her students love her and the vast amount of experience she has to share with them. Tammy currently works full time as a dental assistant to a general dentist.

Monique Evans D.A.
Student Services, Instructor

Monique, a seasoned professional with 23 enriching years in the dental arena. Her journey commenced as a Hygiene Assistant during her college years, where she was initially set on an elementary teaching path. However, a fortuitous experience with her first DDS ignited her passion for dentistry, prompting a pivot in her career direction. Gratefully, she undertook further education, sponsored by this supportive mentor. Throughout her illustrious career, Monique worked closely with two distinguished doctors, both of whom imparted invaluable wisdom and were remarkable educators in their own right. For Monique, the zenith of her practice has always been witnessing the transformative power of dentistry — the sheer joy of patients reclaiming their smiles and confidence. As time evolved, so did her aspirations. Drawn back to her teaching roots, Monique transitioned to the academic side of dentistry. Although she fondly reminisces about her patient interactions, she's embraced her role at the American Institute of Dental Assisting (AIDA) with zest. In her nearly two-year tenure at AIDA, she has progressed from a clinical instructor to a co-instructor. Life has come full circle for Monique, combining her love for education and dentistry in the most fulfilling way.

Racquel (Tillie) Cervantes D.A.

Racquel attended the Pima Institute for Dental Assisting and after her internship, was hired in 1994 to her first General Dentistry role. Currently Racquel is a surgical assistant for a periodontal office where she has gained extensive experience. She has also served as a back office manager. She also enjoys serving as an instructor at the American Institute of Dental Assisting.
Racquel has always loved going to the dentist and after her career started, she was grateful to patients who were grateful to the staff for ending they pain they had experienced. She is especially passionate about surgery and she looks forward to serving more patients as her career grows.

Paola Hernandez D.A.

Paola graduated from the American Institute of Dental Assisting in 2007 and began her career in May of 2008 as a Dental Assistant for a General Dentist. Currently Paola serves as a Lead Assistant and has worked in the same office for over 14 years. She also has served as an Instructor with the American Institute of Dental Assisting for 9 years. She shares that she wanted to find a career that did not require much schooling time and is grateful to find the American Institute of Dental Assisting in 2007 which has led her to a career in which she loves to come to work for each day and enjoys the people she works with. She has a passion for teaching students in a way in which they believe they can be a great dental assistant.

Andrea Moore D.F.D.A.

Meet Andrea Moore, a dental assistant whose journey in the field spans over 9 dynamic years. Andrea's introduction to dentistry began at the front office of a pediatric practice. Within two years, a generous doctor recognized her potential and opened the door for her to transition into a back-office assistant role. Andrea's commitment to excellence is evident in her academic pursuits. She proudly holds a Dental Assistant certificate from the American Institute of Dental Assisting, an Arizona State X-ray and Coronal Polish Certificate, and in 2021, she further enhanced her credentials by acquiring her Arizona State EFDA certificate. With a particular fondness for pediatric care, Andrea finds immense satisfaction in educating children about dental hygiene and making a tangible difference in their lives. Her passion for education doesn't end there. Serving as an instructor at AIDA has profoundly impacted her, allowing her to mentor the next generation of dental professionals. For Andrea, there's unparalleled joy in imparting knowledge and witnessing the blossoming careers of her students. In both dentistry and teaching, her passion shines brightly, making her a cherished asset to the community.

Sunni Hendricks D.A.

Introducing Sunni Hendricks, a shining star in the realm of dentistry. Since her graduation from the American Institute of Dental Assisting, Sunni has illuminated the world of dentistry. Teaching comes second nature to her, always going above and beyond to ensure students receive an enriching educational experience. However, there's more to Sunni than meets the eye. While her graceful demeanor exudes warmth, her past role in corrections at the prison is a testament to her strength and resilience. In every facet of her life, Sunni is a blend of compassion and toughness, making her a truly remarkable presence both in and out of the classroom.

Jocelyn Rubio D.A.
Student Service, Instructor

Meet Jocelyn Rubio, a distinguished graduate of the American Institute of Dental Assisting (AIDA) class of 2012. Immediately following her internship, Jocelyn's skills and passion were recognized by a Prosthodontist office, where she was promptly hired as a dental assistant. Her dedication and adeptness quickly elevated her to the role of lead assistant, further showcasing her versatility as she was cross-trained to excel in both front and back office tasks. Jocelyn's interest in the dental field was sparked during her personal journey with orthodontic treatments, having undergone them twice — once as an adolescent and later as an adult. Her experience at the Prosthodontist office solidified her love for the profession, as she witnessed the transformative power of a smile. For Jocelyn, the profound impact of restoring someone's confidence by rejuvenating their smile is unparalleled. She believes that being able to rekindle hope and happiness in individuals who thought they'd never smile confidently again is a priceless reward. Today, Jocelyn continues to impart her knowledge and expertise at AIDA, wearing dual hats as an instructor and a member of the student services team. Her journey is a testament to her commitment to the world of dentistry and her desire to make a difference.

Marisol Valencia D.A.

Introducing Marisol Valencia, a dedicated dental assistant with 12 years of expertise in the field. Born and raised in Escondido, California, Marisol began her dental journey after graduating from UEI in California. As a mother to five wonderful children, she balances her personal and professional life with finesse. Marisol's journey led her to Arizona alongside her husband. Currently, she extends her skilled services at Bonita Dental, working alongside the esteemed Dr. Batoon in Scottsdale, AZ. With her rich experience and commitment, Marisol continues to make significant contributions to the dental community.

Karenna Bryley D.A.

Meet Karenna, a dedicated dental assistant with over 14 years of hands-on experience in the field. Her journey began at Western Dental as a sterile tech, where she swiftly mastered the names and functions of every dental instrument. Quickly progressing in her role, Karenna faced her first chairside challenge assisting in a root canal therapy with a left-handed doctor. With a passion for continuous learning, she acquired knowledge from experienced assistants and renowned doctors throughout her career. Karenna's innate desire to educate became clearer when she realized her calling was in teaching aspiring dental assistants. In January 2022, she joined the esteemed faculty of the American Institute of Dental Assisting and has been passionately molding the next generation of dental professionals ever since.

Joan Hernandez D.A.

Meet Joan, a passionate dental assistant who embarked on her journey two decades ago. After receiving her certificate in Dental Assisting from Career Centers of Texas in El Paso in 2002 and interning in San Antonio, Joan initially considered dental assisting as an alternate path. However, fate had other plans. To her delight, she not only embraced the profession but thrived in it. Fast-forward 20 years, Joan's fervor for dentistry remains undimmed. Today, she takes immense pride in teaching students at AIDA, inspiring them to find the same love and dedication for dentistry that she discovered all those years ago.

Alyssa Grint D.A.

Meet Alyssa, a seasoned dental assistant with over 21 years of experience in the dynamic world of dentistry. A graduate of Highland High, Alyssa furthered her expertise by earning her X-ray certification from Phoenix College. Throughout her career, she has continually expanded her knowledge, attending numerous WRDC education courses and completing specialized training in coronal polishing. Alyssa's journey in the dental realm is impressive. Beginning in 2000, she worked as a back-office dental assistant in a general dentistry practice. By 2005, her skills were further honed, working alongside an oral surgeon and an orthodontist. Today, Alyssa continues her dedicated service, assisting both a general dentist and an orthodontist. At the heart of Alyssa's passion for dentistry is her commitment to her patients. She relishes in helping patients understand their treatment and ensuring they have a comfortable and positive experience from start to finish. Her motivation is deeply personal; with her father and sister practicing dentistry, she takes pride in working alongside them and admires their dedication to patient care. Alyssa has also been a valued member of the American Institute of Dental Assisting (AIDA) for over two years, bringing her vast experience and passion to the institute. For Alyssa, every day as a dental assistant is a day filled with joy and fulfillment.

Chris Main D.A.

Meet Chris Main, a seasoned dental professional boasting an impressive 30-year career in the field. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, N.Y., Chris has called Arizona home for the past 18 years. Her expertise and dedication to dental education led her to the American Institute of Dental Assisting (AIDA). Chris is not only renowned for her expertise but also for the genuine relationships she builds with her students, making her an invaluable member of the AIDA team. Outside of her professional accomplishments, Chris cherishes her personal life. She is proud of her two decades-long marriage and is the mother to two wonderful children: an 18-year-old daughter currently attending the University of Arizona and a 14-year-old son who is a freshman at Red Mountain High School. In her free time, Chris has a penchant for hiking and indulges her artistic side by delving into creative art projects. Above all, she values quality time spent with friends and family, treasuring every moment.

Kezia DeLucia D.A., R.D.H. Instructor

Kezia, originally from upstate New York, is an accomplished dental hygienist who has made Arizona her home since her high school days. Her journey in dental health began with a transformative braces experience, propelling her to earn a Life Sciences degree from Arizona State University in 2006 and a Dental Assisting Certificate from Phoenix College in 2007. Kezia's passion for oral care excellence led her to become a licensed dental hygienist in 2012, a role she continues to practice with dedication. In 2022, Kezia expanded her professional repertoire by joining the American Institute of Dental Assisting as an instructor, where she combines her clinical expertise with a love for teaching. She takes joy in guiding new talents in dentistry while maintaining her practice, emphasizing the importance of oral health. Beyond her professional pursuits, Kezia enjoys the diverse landscapes of Arizona, outdoor cycling, and the camaraderie of pickleball with friends and family.

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