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Marytis Pedrick

I made one of the best decisions in my life by going to this school. From administration to the instructors, everyone is here to help you succeed and wanting to see you succeed. Everyone is your personal cheerleader! Holly made me feel comfortable during our zoom meeting and answered every question about enrolling and when I was able to start school. Tammy is the best teacher by far! Jocelyn is an amazing co-instructor! And Brenda will always be there for you! I truly love these ladies. They made learning easy and fun. They have always been there for me since day 1 and will continue being there. Being able to do hands-on and live clinicals definitely made me feel confident when I had a working interview with my current employer. Everyone is really a blessing. Being a part of my class was a joy and everyone came out as friends! We were all in this together. If I had to do redo this whole class again, I would without hesitation. This school is also a judge free zone and they really do care about you. I’d recommend this school 11/10!

Sarah Powell

This was the best school ever. I toured a few different assisting schools and this is the only one that stood out to me. I felt so welcomed and knew I had to go here! From Brenda, to Holley, to the wonderful instructors, you will feel right at home like you are apart of their family. Best decision I ever made! I highly recommend the American Institute of Dental Assisting!

Robin Arnold

This is sincerely the best decision I’ve ever made. From the moment I stepped foot into the school, I was shown nothing but LOVE. If the Dental profession is intriguing to you, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND signing up and being a student at AIDA. Thank you so much AIDA staff for being a part of my success story.

Courtnie Golightly

The best program and instructors hands down. The only downfall for me, is I didn’t find this place sooner in life. I have the best career now and it is so much more then I imagined it would be. Thank you AIDA!

Angelica Ireth

Such an amazing school!! I can’t praise this school enough! I had an amazing fun experience. The staff and instructors are so heart warming! Everything is straight to the point and hands on! You work on real patients, not dummies! The schedules they have to offer are unbeatable & especially the price!! I recommend this school 110%! I recently finished & it was the best decision I’ve made. I hope AIDA continues growing & doing what they do!

Alicia Ghosh

Joining AIDA was probably one of te best decisions I’ve ever made! The program is amazing and every single team member at AIDA are so friendly and helpful! After joining the program you don’t feel like you are unprepared. At the end of the program, I left with another family I know I can always go back to. THANK YOU AIDA!! You’ve changed my life!

Brittany Rubio

This school helped me right from the start. From helping me obtain a grant from the state, all the way to sending me numerous job openings after I graduated, this school staff ( Holly and Brenda) are amazing! The teachers are so great too (Tammy and Monique), always re explaining something if you need but challenging you everyday to be a better version of yourself and to believe in yourself. I feel like this school really set me up for success in a career I never would have imagined doing, but I honestly couldn’t be happier :) I’m full of gratitude, AIDA.

Candace Oakes

My experience at AIDA was absolutely amazing! The program structure was convenient and easy to follow, despite being accelerated. All of the staff is personable and genuinely wants you to succeed! Upon completion of this 13 week program, and no dental experience prior, I am now and oral surgeon assistant and loving every minute of it! Thank you AIDA,

Density Burton

I can’t say enough about this school. Tammi made such an impact on me, not only in the dental field but in all aspects of my life. Well worth the money to take this course instead of training on the job!

Julie Kim

I 100% recommend going to this school and you won’t regret it🙂!!! The instructors and staffs go beyond to help you! There so supportive!! I loved going to school here and learning a lot about dental assistant role. They are amazing people here at the school.

Ariella Macias

Every instructor and doctor I have met within my time at AIDA was the greatest, most patient I have ever met. I know its your job to help us learn, but the patience they all have is amazing. Thanks to everybody who helped out all the time.

Jasmin R.

Wonderful experience from start to finish. Staff is very professional, caring and easy to work with. Instructors and staff made this career change an amazing experience for me!

Brianna Harris

Coming into class the first day I didn’t know anything about dental field and now my last day of class I feel so confident working in a dental office with the knowledge I’ve learned from AIDA!

Margaret Magie Hernandez

I would encourage everyone to come here. This staff is very energetic, positive vibes all day, and you all are very down to earth, funny and loving. Outstanding to you all. Also want to mention the dentists here are so wonderful. Big shout out to Dr. T he spent time explaining his procedures to us so well!

Kaylese Pritchett

I have loved every minute at AIDA. I feel they truly care about each students needs. My teachers were always available to answer any questions I had. Even during COVID-19 I still felt supported and every need was met. Every clinical and class was so amazing and I cant wait to start my dental career. Thanks AIDA I feel completely prepared. I Heart AIDA!


From the 1st time I called to get more information on AIDA, everyone in the office was so inviting and sweet. I felt very welcomed. I had nowhere for my 4 year old to go while I toured the school and they welcomed him.


The AIDA team was all super friendly and welcoming. Clinics were the best part. The hands on learning gave me more knowledge and experience in 13 weeks than longer schooling. Thank you AIDA!

Stacey Turley

Love, Love, Loved it! Love how hands on the course is. The instructors are simply amazing! They truly make it fun and easy to learn. You know they care and want you to succeed. With the class sizes being small you really get the attention you need and deserve. I feel confident entering the dental field!

Jessica Richardson

This school is amazing! The instructors have been so helpful and caring throughout these past 13 weeks. I would definitely recommend AIDA as a first choice to anyone who is interested in a dental assisting school. I am so glad I chose this school over the other dental assisting schools in Arizona!

Scarlett Howard

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I had such an amazing time here! Tammy and Brenda were excellent instructors! I feel like I am ready for a “big girl” job now! The class was fun and I loved how we got to work with real patients and doctors! I am so glad I decided to attend this school. It is a bitter-sweet ending, but I am excited to move forward! Thanks again for everything! These past 13 weeks were the best!

Taylor Godfrey

This school was very well managed and had really good hands on experience. The instructors were great and made learning very fun and entertaining. I loved being able to work on real people instead of dummies. This was a fantastic experience for me. I am so happy that I got to come and learn at this school. Definitely five stars!! Oh, and the instructors did a fabulous job! I had a wonderful and adventurous time! Thanks so much!

Deanna Torgerson

I want to give a big thank you to everyone at The American Institute of Dental Assisting! Especially Holly, Tammy and Pam. It has been an amazing 13 weeks! I have learned so much and am very excited to start my new career! I am so glad I found this program. It worked right into my life without having to stop working while in school. The classes were very well instructed even though it was fast paced. The instructors were willing to help when we needed it. The clinicals were very fun and it was great to get the hands on training with dentists! Again, thank you all so much!

Alexandra Accardo

I really enjoyed this school! Coming to class was always really fun and all the instructors are knowledgeable and very willing to help! I also loved the fact that they allow you to come in and practice on your own time. I do wish we had more clinical time, but the school did a great job fitting in as many clinicals as they did with the 13 weeks they had. I would highly recommend this school to anyone wanting a career as a dental assistant! I can’t wait to start!

Christina Duran

AIDA is an amazing school for dental assisting! This school has a real world, hands on approach to teaching, which gives its students a true sense of confidence. The teachers and the staff take their time to get to know each individual student. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have gained after attending this school. After 13 weeks of class, I am feeling ecstatic and ready to begin my journey into the fun and interesting field of dental assisting.

Brandi Prevett

Excellent program! The hands on training really makes the difference. The staff are fantastic and I would recommend the course to anyone!

Alexis Lockett

I really enjoyed coming to this school. It was worth coming every Friday from Yuma, AZ. All of the instructors were awesome and really helpful when I needed the help. I’m going to miss coming up here. Being able to work on actual patients was a lot of fun and I learned a lot doing that.

Jessica Richardson

This school is amazing! The instructors have been so helpful and caring throughout these past 13 weeks. I would definitely recommend AIDA as a first choice to anyone who is interested in a dental assisting school. I am so glad I chose this school over the other dental assisting schools in Arizona!

Makenzie Mosbaugh

I’m so blessed to have found this school and to have worked with the most amazing teachers and dentists. I learned more than I could have ever imagined! Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and for being a positive influence on my future!

Jacob Sullivan

The clinicals are essential parts of this course. My dentist (with whom I did my internship with) has mentioned that other interns from other schools have had little to no experience with patients, and thus are much less confident in their abilities. Thank you for everything Darlene, Paola and Holley!

Lizbeth Nunez

This has been the best experience ever. I never thought being a Dental Assistant would be an enjoyable job. My instructors, Tammy and Brenda, are really good at explaining and teaching the course. They are really patient and help you a lot. Holley and Benjamin are the nicest people in the world! The thing I liked most were clinic days because I got to practice what my instructors taught me. I really enjoyed these 13 weeks of school. The 3 hour drive from Yuma every week was worth it!

Jackie Andrada

I definitely have loved this school from day one.  It’s been the best experience. By the end of the course you’ll leave knowing what you’re doing.  Brenda, Tammy and working with the doctors was amazing. The teachers work with you on your weak areas and I loved that! I walked into a dental office for my internship and was complimented on how well the school taught me as a student. Definitely a BIG THANKS to Holley and Benjamin for getting me enrolled last minute.

Hannah Steele

I loved this school! Best 13 weeks ever! This was such a great choice. All the teachers were very helpful and were willing to go above and beyond for us. The experience getting to work on real patients was amazing and very beneficial. I can’t wait for this new career!

Caitlin Helms


Happy I came here and not other schools. Love the experience I have received here. The instructors are filled with so much knowledge. The tutoring that was available to us was very helpful. For the long run, I would tell anyone who is wanting to become a Dental Assistant, to come to AIDA. I appreciate all of you!

Chelsey Ganem

I really loved every part of this school. I feel like I learned so much. The clinic days were so much fun! Nothing better than hands on practice! Every teacher was so nice and helpful with anything we needed help with. I feel like I am ready for the real world.

Amara Black

I have only positive things to say about my 13 weeks at AIDA. I feel like my instructors and classmates will be lifelong friends. I would feel comfortable at any time calling any of the staff for help. The school has created such a comfortable atmosphere that has made learning so much fun! Tammy and Brenda are such kind, patient, FUN teachers. They always instructed positively and really took the time to make sure students were understanding the steps. I would recommend this school to anyone.

Kim D.

I really enjoyed attending your school! I definitely liked how we felt comfortable around each other and had fun while we were able to learn. I loved how we had hands on training to get a head start with experience in assisting. I definitely think I picked the best school to go to!!

Damien B.

This class was a very fun experience and very informative. The instructors are very patient and pay close attention to detail. Holly is a true asset to the school and one of the best instructors I have ever had.

Maribel S.

I take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their help and their kindness. Holly and Brenda taught their classes with professionalism, and resolved issues efficiently. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm, and love for this profession with me. American Institute of Dental Assisting offered me one of my best experiences.

Cynthia K.

I had the most wonderfully, exciting and stressful time here. The stress was only because I’m old and had to remember how to study again. I had so much fun learning a new career and meeting new people. The whole experience was amazing!

Michele L.

I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed Holly and Brenda. Doing the school at almost the age of 50, they made it easy to learn and get back into studying. I would like to say ‘Thank You’ Dr. Hastings for providing a wonderful staff and learning environment. I would recommend AIDA to other friends and family members trying to choose a career and schooling.

Mal N.

This school was very informative. The instructors were all excellent and very helpful, as were other staff members. I’m glad this wasn’t a long, drawn out program where we wasted time on things that would not be vital to a career in this field. I had a great time learning in this environment and would definitely recommend this school.

Harmony T.

American Institute of Dental Assisting is a really good school. Holly and Brenda are amazing teachers. They made me feel comfortable while teaching me and had faith in me when no one did. This school is wonderful, has great teachers, and is amazing. You guys don’t need to change anything. Thank you for letting me come to this school.

Kaitlin F.

Taking this program has been a really good positive experience. I feel as if I have learned a lot and I also feel comfortable working chairside with a dentist. I like being hands-on with the program. I would definitely recommend this school to other people interested in becoming something in the dental field.

Tez A.

The class was very short and straight to the point as I feel it should be. It was a very fun learning experience and I would recommend the school to everyone. I think it’s good as it is, and wouldn’t change anything.

Laura M.

First of all I really loved and enjoyed this class. Everything about it was awesome, and as a student I felt comfortable being here. At first I thought it was so hard and thought that I wouldn’t catch any of this, but now we’re here at the end and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Everything about this schooling was perfect. Thanks for letting me be here.

Yolanda C.

I enjoyed the class. Great hands-on learning with lots of fun. I really enjoyed working with all the instructors, they really made me feel comfortable and I know I made the right choice by choosing this school.

Kelly P.

These past thirteen weeks of class have been great. All of the instructors have been well informing, friendly, and just a joy to be around. I have learned a lot, more than I thought I would and being a part of this whole process has been amazing! Thank you for letting me be apart of this program and allowing me to take this step that will open more doors of opportunity in my life.

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