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Thank you so much for this opportunity! I had such an amazing time here! Tammy and Brenda were excellent instructors! I feel like I am ready for a “big girl” job now! The class was fun and I loved how we got to work with real patients and doctors! I am so glad I decided to attend this school. It is a bitter-sweet ending, but I am excited to move forward! Thanks again for everything! These past 13 weeks were the best!

Scarlett Howard

This school was very well managed and had really good hands on experience. The instructors were great and made learning very fun and entertaining. I loved being able to work on real people instead of dummies. This was a fantastic experience for me. I am so happy that I got to come and learn at this school. Definitely five stars!! Oh, and the instructors did a fabulous job! I had a wonderful and adventurous time! Thanks so much!

Taylor Godfrey

I want to give a big thank you to everyone at The American Institute of Dental Assisting! Especially Holly, Tammy and Pam. It has been an amazing 13 weeks! I have learned so much and am very excited to start my new career! I am so glad I found this program. It worked right into my life without having to stop working while in school. The classes were very well instructed even though it was fast paced. The instructors were willing to help when we needed it. The clinicals were very fun and it was great to get the hands on training with dentists! Again, thank you all so much!

Deanna Torgerson

I really enjoyed this school! Coming to class was always really fun and all the instructors are knowledgeable and very willing to help! I also loved the fact that they allow you to come in and practice on your own time. I do wish we had more clinical time, but the school did a great job fitting in as many clinicals as they did with the 13 weeks they had. I would highly recommend this school to anyone wanting a career as a dental assistant! I can’t wait to start!

Alexandra Accardo

AIDA is an amazing school for dental assisting! This school has a real world, hands on approach to teaching, which gives its students a true sense of confidence. The teachers and the staff take their time to get to know each individual student. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have gained after attending this school. After 13 weeks of class, I am feeling ecstatic and ready to begin my journey into the fun and interesting field of dental assisting.

Christina Duran

Excellent program! The hands on training really makes the difference. The staff are fantastic and I would recommend the course to anyone!

Brandi Prevett

I really enjoyed coming to this school. It was worth coming every Friday from Yuma, AZ. All of the instructors were awesome and really helpful when I needed the help. I’m going to miss coming up here. Being able to work on actual patients was a lot of fun and I learned a lot doing that.

Alexis Lockett

This school is amazing! The instructors have been so helpful and caring throughout these past 13 weeks. I would definitely recommend AIDA as a first choice to anyone who is interested in a dental assisting school. I am so glad I chose this school over the other dental assisting schools in Arizona!

Jessica Richardson

I’m so blessed to have found this school and to have worked with the most amazing teachers and dentists. I learned more than I could have ever imagined! Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and for being a positive influence on my future!

Makenzie Mosbaugh

The clinicals are essential parts of this course. My dentist (with whom I did my internship with) has mentioned that other interns from other schools have had little to no experience with patients, and thus are much less confident in their abilities. Thank you for everything Darlene, Paola and Holley!

Jacob Sullivan