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Get Practical Experience and Hands-On Dental Assistant Training

AIDA is the only school in Arizona to offer live patient clinics, so you know you’re getting the best hands-on dental assistant training and experience possible. What better way to learn all the skills necessary to become a dental assistant than doing them in the field under the careful guidance of our experienced faculty? No plastic dummies in dental assistant classes at our Mesa location!

What is Hands-On Experience?

Other dental assistant classes tout their “hands-on” experience – but what do they mean?
Hands-on a textbook?
Hands-on a dental dummy?
Hands-on an impression tray?
Don’t be misled by a dental assistant course claiming to be “hands-on” when it’s not! Our dental school clinic in Arizona is the perfect way to accelerate your career, as we’ll teach you the essential skills and information needed to succeed in this field.
At the American Institute of Dental Assisting, all students in our Mesa dental assistant classes assist licensed dentists performing live procedures on actual live patients—not on plastic dummies! Reading out of a textbook does not prepare a student to assist like actually doing it. We even offer night classes to help you get the hands-on dental assistant training you need to excel!

Feel Confident in Your Field

While 13 weeks is a short amount of time, our hands-on dental assisting program will prepare you for your career. Our dedicated instructors and carefully crafted lesson plans will give you the foundational knowledge to develop practical skills. Once you know the fundamental principles, our hands-on training will provide you with the confidence to perform on the job.
In a standard program, textbooks and classes will only get you so far. While they give you useful facts, they don’t teach you how to be a dental assistant. Our live patient clinics set our students up with real dentists and patients to put their knowledge to work. When you attend AIDA, you learn to interact with professionals in a real health care environment.

Find a Job When You Graduate

When employers hear about your hands-on experience, they’ll know you’re prepared to handle the job. While our dental assistant hands-on training should sell your abilities, our job placement program will ensure you use the best practices over time. Your experience paired with our resume workshops, mock interviews and clinical reviews will make you an excellent employee for any establishment.
AIDA is the place to go for starting a rewarding career in dental assistance.

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