Dental Assistant Career Training

Why Choose AIDA

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should sign up for our Arizona dental career training program:

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  1. Hands-on training in a real dental clinic
    True hands-on experience assisting a real dentist treating real patients. Our live patient clinics
     offer a one-of-a-kind experience for dental assistant students that can’t be simulated by dummies and textbooks. Our Arizona hands-on dental assistant training program is the only program in the state to include live patient clinics into the school curriculum!

  2. Training in Digital Radiography (the future of dentistry)
    AIDA students learn to take real digital x-rays and pantographs. Other dental assisting schools don’t have state-of-the-art digital radiology equipment and only teach outdated analog x-ray techniques.

  3. Hands-on training in Dentrix – the most widely used software in dentistry
    Most other dental assisting schools don’t have Dentrix and just teach basic computer skills, not specific to dentistry. AIDA has a multi-station dental software laboratory where students are taught to use computers and Dentrix.

  4. Outstanding staff and faculty – learn directly from experienced dental professionals
    Our faculty make our Arizona hands-on dental assistant training program the best in the state. Dr. Eldon Hastings, school owner and director, was awarded “Best Teacher” by the Arizona Private Schools Association. All of our instructors are required to be presently working full-time in dentistry.

  5. Best dental assisting school in Arizona
    AIDA has been honored as best of the best by the Arizona Private Schools Association in the following categories:

    • Student Services Practice
    • Retention / Completion Program
    • Recruiting Practice
    • Best Teacher
  6. School is owned, guided and directed by a licensed Arizona State dentist
    AIDA is a private Arizona dental assistant school that is not owned by a large corporation but by a local dentist with over 50 years of dental experience. Dental assisting is the only course taught and it isn’t mixed with many other areas of study. We’re fully focused on delivering the best dental assisting education possible to help others help themselves and those around them.

  7. Affordable finance options are available
    Call our student recruiter today at 480-209-1392 to learn about our many different affordable finance options!

  8. Total course completed in just 13 weeks!
    With over 50 years as a dentist, Dr. Hastings is uniquely qualified to know what knowledge and skills dental employers are looking for in a good entry-level dental assistant. Students are only taught the necessary skills with no wasting time learning “fluff” and things which won’t be required in dental assisting. Your time is precious — don’t waste it!

    Choose the dental assisting school that gives you more bang for your buck and prepares you better for your chosen profession as an Arizona dental assistant. The better prepared and trained you are, the better chance for employment in a difficult economic environment.

    We’re here to help!

Take the First Step Today…

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