AIDA Awards

Recognition awards for excellence presented to the American Institute of Dental Assisting by the Arizona Private Schools Association and Ranking Arizona.

“Best Teacher”

Dr. Hastings has been honored for his outstanding teaching abilities with the American Institute of Dental Assisting. He practiced dentistry for more than 40 years and delights in sharing these many years of experiences with his students. Dr. Hastings designed the curriculum of the Institute to eliminate “fluff” and waste of time, to only teach vital and necessary information and skills of dental assisting in a fun and learning environment. This allows the student to start and graduate school in the minimal amount of time, while maximizing true hands on learning of dental assistant training. Dr. Hastings is a very caring person and has a sincere desire to see his students succeed in school and in the wonderful profession of dentistry. This desire is evidenced by his love for teaching and sharing with others his vast knowledge of dentistry.

“Best Retention and Completion”

The American Institute of Dental Assisting is focused on helping people of all walks of life to better their situation and station in life and to achieve their dreams and goals. We look for students who are motivated to better themselves, to care for other people’s needs and to be successful.
Our admission process does not take place over the telephone, but personally face to face in our dental assisting facility. We want every potential student to know what dental assisting is all about, if it is the right fit for that student and if the student is sincerely motivated. We want the potential student to see for themselves the beautiful facility in which they will be learning and gaining the knowledge and skills of a good entry level Dental assistant.

“Best Recruiting Practice”

The American Institute of Dental Assisting take pride in enrolling students that are determined to gain knowledge and skills that can make life better for themselves and their loved ones. The Institute is honored to be acknowledged by the Arizona Private Schools Association twice and was awarded as the school in Arizona that works harder and is more successful in graduating its students than any other. Ninety seven percent of those starting school are successful and graduate!

“Best Student Services”

Our Student services Department is constantly striving for ways to help and assist our students to be successful. We acknowledge each of our students for their commitment to gaining an education and obtaining life long skills and achieving their goals. We are here to encourage and support them in this life-changing journey. We Care!

Best Dental Assisting School in Arizona 2021, 2022 & 2023

Ranking Arizona Best of Arizona Dental Assistant school

American Institute of Dental Assisting is the highest awarded Dental assisting school in Arizona. Having received the recognition of being the only dental assisting school ranked in the “Top Ten” in all of Arizona for Specialized Education for 2021, 2022 & 2023 by “Ranking Arizona The Best of Arizona Business”

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