13 Week Dental Assistant Training Program

13 week dental assistant training
Students can graduate sooner with our 13 week dental assistant training program

The American Institute of Dental Assisting offers a 13 week dental assistant training course. But why 13 weeks? We believe that is the right amount of time to learn all that you will need to know to become a great dental assistant without wasting time on non-relevant information. Here are just a few of the things you will learn in our 13 week dental assistant training program:

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is the future of dentistry. Our students learn how to take digital x-rays and panographs on state-of-the-art equipment. Most dental offices use this newer technology. We take pride in teaching our students the newest technologies out there. But we also know that there are some offices that still use analog x-rays. We want our students to be versatile in the work force. That’s why we also teach students how to take analog x-rays. Knowing how to take all forms of x-rays is a useful skill that doctors are looking for.

Dentrix Software

Dentrix is one of the leading dental office software systems. It can track patients appointment, charts, medical information, scheduling and and much more. It is a useful tool for a lot of dental practices that help them manage their office. We train students on how to use this software and basic computer skills in our schools computer lab.

Hands On Training

Our live patient clinics teach students the skills they will need to be confident on the job. They will go to their first day of working knowing how to perform their job, having already done so on real patients before. During our clinical weeks, students will work side by side with real dentists. They will perform real dental procedures on live patients.

CPR Training

We offer CPR training as part of our 13 week dental assistant training. In the event of an emergency, our graduates have been well trained.

Our 13 week dental assistant training program is a comprehensive and detailed course. This training will allow students to enjoy a new career and confidence knowing they are good at what they do. To learn more about our 13 week dental assistant training program visit our school page and find out what dental assisting can do for you.



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