Marytis Pedrick

I made one of the best decisions in my life by going to this school. From administration to the instructors, everyone is here to help you succeed and wanting to see you succeed. Everyone is your personal cheerleader! Holly made me feel comfortable during our zoom meeting and answered every question about enrolling and when I was able to start school. Tammy is the best teacher by far! Jocelyn is an amazing co-instructor! And Brenda will always be there for you! I truly love these ladies. They made learning easy and fun. They have always been there for me since day 1 and will continue being there. Being able to do hands-on and live clinicals definitely made me feel confident when I had a working interview with my current employer. Everyone is really a blessing. Being a part of my class was a joy and everyone came out as friends! We were all in this together. If I had to do redo this whole class again, I would without hesitation. This school is also a judge free zone and they really do care about you. I’d recommend this school 11/10!

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