American Institute of Dental Assisting Announces Dentrix G6 Update

The American Institute of Dental Assisting is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Dentrix G6 software. Dentrix G6 is the most recent upgrade to the Dentrix software. Dentrix was introduced in 1989 by Dentrix Dental Systems. It was the first dental practice management software developed for Microsoft Windows.

Dentrix G6 Helps Dental Offices and Dental Assistants
Dentrix G6 Helps Dental Offices and Dental Assistants

The Dentrix software has been around for over 20 years. It gives dentists the tools they need to help their practice be successful. It is a comprehensive software designed specifically for the busy dentist. It keeps them organized and in control of their business management. Dentrix automates a variety of systems for a dental practice. It offers the ability of a paperless office with features such as fully digital patient charts, files, and scheduling. It is user friendly and is an essential tool for all of the dental staff.

Of their new product Dentrix G6, the company states that it can “help practices further automate daily tasks, such as scheduling, charting, treatment planning and billing and reporting, Dentrix G6 features upgrades to its financial analytics and accounting and billing tools that make it easier to manage patient information. In addition, Dentrix G6 offers enhanced functionality to the existing eDex service, which allows easier access to patient information by enabling business and personal contacts to be merged and accessible on a single platform. Dentrix G6 also features a new “click to chat” button in the Help menu so customers can receive real-time answers to their questions.”

The American Institute of Dental Assisting is implementing this new upgrade to all of it’s current Dentrix software. The school prides themselves in training their dental assistants in a variety of methods that they can use on the job. This includes teaching them the most current and up to date dental software. Dr. Eldon Hastings, founder and director of the American Institute of Dental Assisting states, “I am excited to be able to offer the latest software to our students. I believe that if we offer our students the newest and best there is it will help them become better dental assistants”


With the Dentrix G6 update, students will be trained on the latest features of the software. With this training students will have confidence going into a new job. They will be able to use the software along with the other skills they have learned to contribute to the seamless flow of the dental office. This training is a portion of the schools innovative, hands-on program that teaches students how to become a dental assistant in 13 weeks. Dr. Eldon Hastings personally created this unique curriculum to maximize learning and focus strictly on the necessary knowledge and skills to get employment in the dental field.

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