Dental Assistant Recognition Week and Local Communities

Dental Assistant Recognition Week is a week long tribute to the commitment and dedication of dental assistants and their crucial role in the healthcare of our communities. This is a week being remembered and honored by the towns of Gilbert and Queen Creek and The American Institute of Dental Assisting of Mesa.

Dental Assisting continues to diversify and expand.  Whether working chair side with the dentist, taking x-rays, managing the business office or teaching, dental assistants are crucial to the success of the dental practice and for quality care of dental patients.

“Dental Assistants: Our mission is to serve, our passion is to care”

This is the theme for the 39th annual Dental Assistants Recognition Week: time for dental assistants to receive greater recognition for their own unique and diverse contributions to the dental profession and the health care of the public.  The American Dental Assistants Association and the American Dental Association unitedly and wholeheartedly recognize dental assistants everywhere for their time

, effort and selfless dedication to providing quality dental health care to the public.

“It takes a special person to be a dental assistant” says Dr. Joseph C. Unger, chair of the American Dental Association’s Council of Dental Practice.  Dental Assistants balance a variety of high priority responsibilities that benefit the patient, the dentist, other members of the dental team and the practice itself.  The combination of clinical knowledge and people skills makes them an important asset to the dental practice”.

The Dental Assistant Associations, Dental Assisting Schools, the U.S. Army and Air force dental clinics join dental offices everywhere in honoring dental assistants during this designated week.

The American Institute of Dental Assisting of Mesa, Arizona takes pride in joining others in honoring those who fill critical positions providing quality health care for their fellow citizens.  The American Institute, a dental assisting school, has been at the forefront of training excellent quality dental assistants for over 13 years.  They are proud to have graduated over 1,000 top notch dental assistants who are assisting dentists today, delivering high quality dental care to the people of our communities.  Dr. Eldon Hastings, owner of the American Institute of Dental Assisting pays tribute to dental assistants, “Modern, progressive, pain free dentistry is available today only because of the dedication and skills of competent, caring dental assistants.  We honor dental assistants and acknowledge them for their dedication to their profession.”

Dental Assistant Recognition week
Dr. Hastings and staff present city proclamations for Dental Assistant Recognition week.

Local Dental Assistant Recognition Week

The American Institute of Dental Assisting joins with the Town of Gilbert and Town of Queen Creek in dental assistant recognition week. These two towns have joined the American Institute of Dental Assisting along with the American Dental Assistants Association and the American Dental Association. They bring the importance of dental assistants to their communities.

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