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March 25th 2020

Notice of In-Person Training

Dear AIDA Students:

The recent Covid-19 pandemic is a unique and important situation for everyone and an event that has not been experienced before. The education and health of our students is extremely important, and we ask for your understanding and patience as we navigate through this situation. Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, recently issued an executive order for non-essential businesses to postpone in-person operations. We are now required to temporarily suspend all in-person training. This is only a slight disruption as we have previously been utilizing our online portal classroom. We have identified curriculum that can be effectively taught online and have answered some common questions below:

Q: Why are we having online class during this time?
A: We have identified portions of our curriculum that can be effectively taught online and are using this  time for your benefit, not to just be pushing through the class schedule. You will continue to have access to your instructors and be able to ask questions about the topics and materials that you are being taught.

Q: Will the online classes negatively impact my normal education at AIDA?
A: NO, this extra time will help our students continue learning the many aspects of our dental assisting curriculum.

Q: How do I access the live online classroom?
A: It can be accessed using a computer, mobile device, or your tablet. Go to

Q: Will the topics being taught online be reviewed when in-person class resumes?
A: Yes, sufficient time will be allotted for review of the topics being taught online.

Q: When will in-person training resume?
A: Due to the executive order for non-essential businesses to postpone in-person operations, we are temporarily postponing in-person classes. We will resume in-person operations as soon as permitted by State of Arizona Authority, and hopefully within 2 weeks.

Q: How will I participate in clinical experience?
A: We are working to schedule clinic times so clinical experience will not be missed. We are also adding additional clinicals at the option of the students.

Q: How will I take tests and complete homework?
A: All homework and tests can be completed online in your student portal. If you would like, a hard copy would be available for you to pick up.

Q: What should I do if I have difficulty connecting to the online class?
A: Please contact the Admin at 480-209-1392 to assist you in connecting with the class.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this unique time, we care about the health and safety of all our students and staff and look forward to assisting you in your educational journey.

Bryan Hastings
Director of Operations

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