What Does a Periodontal Dental Assistant Do?

What Does a Periodontal Dental Assistant Do?
What Does a Periodontal Dental Assistant Do?

Just as there are many components to a healthy mouth, there are several types of professionals to treat the different areas. A periodontist, in particular, is a dentist that specializes in the care of the bones, gums, and tissues that surround a patient’s teeth. As such, a periodontal dental assistant is responsible for performing various tasks that allow the periodontist to do their best possible work. Learn the specifics of what a periodontal dental assistant does and the importance of their work.

Patient Accommodation

One of the main roles of a periodontal dental assistant is to transport the patient to the specialist section of the dentist’s office and get them comfortable. This prevents the patient from getting lost and allows them to have any special accommodations they may need during their visit. The assistant will make note of these accommodations and see that they’re met to ensure maximum patient comfort.

Data-Gathering and Record-Keeping

It’s also the assistant’s job to obtain information from the patient on their past dental history and record any new findings in their personal record. This process keeps the periodontist informed on the individual’s hygiene habits and oral heath so that they can make the best decisions during treatment. Gathering this data is particularly useful for first-time visitors, as it helps the specialist get to know them and their condition.

Instrument Care and Sterilization

Between patient visits, periodontal dental assistants are also tasked with cleaning and sanitizing the instruments used during treatment. Medical procedures require a sanitary space to avoid infection. As such, the assistant must properly sterilize each piece of equipment before a new patient can sit in that specific section. This includes the chair, tables, and every individual tool in that area.

Hygiene Instruction and Basic Care

Once the periodontist is finished with their procedure, it’s the assistant’s turn to inform the patient on how to further care for their teeth. This often means giving them basic oral hygiene advice and telling them how to care for any stitches they may have received. For returning patients, a periodontal dental assistant may also be responsible for removing previous sutures or placing dental dams.

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