What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

Dental Assistant Dental assistants perform a range of duties and responsibilities, but your primary responsibility is taking care of your patients.
Dental assistants work closely with your employing dentist or under their direct supervision to, among other responsibilities:

  • make sure patients are comfortable in the dental chair
  • assist in various dental procedures
  • make temporary crowns, casts of the mouth and teeth
  • take and process dental x-rays
  • prepare materials for restorations and dental impressions
  • eliminate sutures, apply topical anesthetics and cavity-preventive substances to gums and teeth
  • polish and clean removable appliances
  • provide directions on oral health care methods
  • make schedules, confirm appointments, maintain dental records
Dental assistants have a critical role in the overall success of a dentists office and patient satisfaction. This is why it is important to receive hands on training and learn by working with dentists before you graduate.
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