Hands-on Training

The American Institute of Dental Assisting teaches a successful 13 week course. The program has a unique focus on hands-on training. We focus on giving students the skills they will need to succeed on the job.

Real Dental Environment

hands-on training

It can be difficult to learn a new skill in a classroom and then transfer that skill to a different place. That’s why we teach in a dental office. We know that learning all of the necessary dental assisting skills in a dental environment is important. We want your first day on the job to be a huge success. If you’ve never set foot in the back of a dental office or touched an instrument or any of the specialized equipment that would be very difficult. Our hands-on training allows you to touch and feel everything. You’ll know how to work all of the equipment and where to find things in a dental office.

Hands-on Training

hands-on training

Along with working in a dental office, being able to handle all of the tools is important. Students will practice basic skills with each other in the dental office. Then they will be able to assist a dentist with a live patient in a real dental procedure. Nothing can prepare you more for your first day on the job. Knowing how to work with a dentist and learning what is expected of you is a valuable resource. Our students find great success by going through our hands-on training program. They build the confidence needed to be a great dental assistant.

What Our Graduates Are Saying

“This school was very well managed and had really good hands on experience. The instructors were great and made learning very fun and entertaining. I loved being able to work on real people instead of dummies. This was a fantastic experience for me. I am so happy that I got to come and learn at this school. Definitely five stars!! Oh, and the instructors did a fabulous job! I had a wonderful and adventurous time! Thanks so much!” –Taylor Godfrey

“The clinicals are essential parts of this course. My dentist (with whom I did my internship with) has mentioned that other interns from other schools have had little to no experience with patients, and thus are much less confident in their abilities.” -Jacob Sullivan

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hands-on training

Should I Attend Trade School Instead of College?

trade schoolTrade school, also known as vocational school, can be a great option for many people. Yet, more often than not, high school graduates are pushed straight into a four-year college degree program. Traditional college programs can have great things to offer. But they are designed for a specific person with a certain career path. Not everyone can fit into that mold. Let’s take a look at why a vocational school may be a better option for you.


Trade School vs. College

A trade or vocational school offers exactly what the name implies; training for a specific trade, skill or job. They have a shorter schooling time than traditional college. That’s because they teach only the skills needed to succeed in a specific field of study. They usually have a much bigger focus on hands-on training. This type of training can lead to well-paying jobs in a variety of industries such as dental, electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, and many more. These positions generally offer reasonable pay with room for growth and expansion.


College can be expensive. The College Board reports that one year of college averages $24,061. That’s a lot of money! Most of us can’t afford to spend that much each year, and the cost of college continues to increase. In contrast, trade school is drastically cheaper and much more affordable. But don’t let the price tag fool you. You can still get a great education and career with a much smaller price tag.

Time Spent in School

You’ll spend less time in school focusing on only the skills that matter. After all, is it really necessary to take a course in foreign affairs when you’re studying to become a dental assistant? Spend less time learning about unrelated topics and more time mastering the skills that really matter.

Specialized Training

Trade schools will give you all of the hands on learning that you will need. You will learn exactly how to complete a job not just from a text book but from actually doing it. It’s a proven fact that humans learn better by doing rather than observing. You didn’t learn how to ride a bike by reading about it, did you?

Job Security and Salary

Hands on, skilled professionals are in high demand. That’s because we can’t get those products from overseas. We need people here in the US who can perform the skills we need. And having a specific skill means that you will be paid a higher salary.

Specialized training from a trade school can be a great asset for someone who wants to start a career in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Can I Get Fast Dental Assistant Training?

fast dental assistant trainingIt’s a busy world, let’s face it. You don’t have time to sit around and wait for a new career. When you want a change, you want it now. Some schools will offer an extensive training program. But what if there was a school that offered fast dental assistant training. The American Institute of Dental Assisting offers an accelerated program that gives you all the training you need plus hands on learning in less time than traditional programs. So how do we do it?


Focused Curriculum

Our curriculum is focused specifically on the skills that you will need as a dental assistant. We want you to start your new career as soon as possible. That’s why we offer fast dental assistant training. We take out all the fluff that other schools require and give you the essentials. You won’t miss a thing, instead you will gain all of the knowledge and skills necessary to be a great dental assistant.

Hands-On Training

fast dental assistant trainingWe have a unique hands-on training program. Our founder, Dr. Hastings, knows that students who study and learn in a real dental environment will do better on the job than those who don’t. That’s why he developed the schools unique program. He saw a need in his own dental office for assistants who were well trained and could perform skills right out of school. Our hands on training will ensure that you are well prepared for your first day on the job.

Class Options

We know that your time is valuable and we want you to succeed. We have a variety of class schedules to choose from. Whether you prefer evenings, daytime, or weekends there is a class for your schedule. You shouldn’t have to quit your current job to go back to school. You can fit your schooling around your current schedule. Make the most of your time.

Fast Dental Assistant Training

fast dental assistant trainingOur accelerated program is a great choice. We offer fast dental assistant training with a 13 week program. We think that 13 weeks is the prefect amount of time to learn everything you will need to be successful. Get through school faster and start your new career sooner.

Do I Need Vocational School Training?

You’re not alone in wondering why there are so many choices when it comes to education. You may be wondering which career path is best and how to get there. And when it comes to vocational school training vs. traditional education, which is the better option?

Vocational schools offer programs that are shorter and focus on training a person with the specific skills needed for a certain job. Depending on ones career goals, vocational school training may be a great option.

Learn Practical Skillsvocational school training

Vocational schools are a great place to learn the specific skills needed for a career. They teach only the skills that are necessary for the field you are going in to. This will cut out all of the unnecessary courses that traditional educational training includes. This also means that you will get detailed, specialized training and become a expert in your field of choice.

Get Through School Faster

Vocational school training has specialized programs will allow you to get through school faster. The length of the programs are generally much shorter than other programs. The shorter program length means that you will be able to start in your new career field sooner. vocational school trainingThis can be a great advantage for those people with busy lives who don’t have time to spend years sitting in a classroom.

Start Earning Money

The quick pace of these programs means that you will start earning money sooner. Not only will you be able to start your new job sooner, but the cost of schooling will most likely be cheaper. Vocational schools typically have lower tuition costs than those of traditional schools. In addition to a shorter program length, most of them offer flexibility in their courses. Whether you are looking for evening, daytime, or online classes, you’ll find several options to choose from.

Vocational School Training Benefits

Vocational schools are a great option for those who are looking to start in a specialized career quickly. You can start earning money faster and enjoy being in a new career.

Why Become Dental Assistant?

With so many career paths to choose from, one might ask why become dental assistant? There are so many benefits to being a dental assistant. Let’s explore just a few!become dental assistant

  • Start at Any Age

Dental assisting is a great career choice for so many different people. Unlike some other careers, this is one that age doesn’t play a major factor. You can become a dental assistant straight out of high school or even go back to school after your kids are all grown and out of the house.

  • Become Dental Assistant Quickly

Dental assistant training is not a 4+ year degree program. In fact, even the longest programs are significantly shorter than that. And you can find excellent, quality training programs that take less than a year to complete. You can start a new career quickly, which means you will earn an income faster.

  • Flexibility

Dental assisting is a very flexible career. You can choose which doctor you will work for based upon the hours their office is open. Some assistants only work part time. The hours are very reasonable with no overnight shifts. It is a great career choice for those who want to work while still maintaining their active lifestyle.

  • Benefitsbecome dental assistant

Dental assisting can offer several benefits. It all depends on the office which you work for and if you are employed full time or part time. Some assistants will receive employer benefits. Many will receive their dental work for free or at a discounted rate with the dentist they work for.

  • Lifetime Skills

Those who train to become dental assistant will learn skills that will last a lifetime. Besides learning how to work in the dental office setting, they are learning how to interact with people in a professional setting. They also learn to use their hands in an efficient manner. This skill can transfer to several tasks in everyday life.

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I Need Financial Aid for Dental Assisting School

Going to school can be expensive. Many people are looking around for what types of financial aid are available to help them pay for their schooling. Those attending dental assisting school can find great help paying for school. Here are just a few of the options that may be available.


financial aidA scholarship is a sum of money that is given to a student to support their education. They can be given for a variety of reasons and come in different amounts. There may be local programs that offer scholarships for a specific field of study. There are also many great websites that list available scholarships and how to apply for them. The great thing about scholarships is that there is no limit to how many you can apply for at one time and students can usually accept more than one scholarship at a time. In the dental assisting field, places like the American Dental Association and the American Dental Assistants Association offer several scholarships. There may be others out there too that offer scholarships so don’t be afraid to ask.


A grant is similar to a scholarship. However, this money comes from an organization, typically a government. Grants are great for students because unlike a loan, a grant does not have to be paid back. It is money that is given to the student to use for their education expenses.

Student Loans

financial aidStudent loans are a special kind of a loan given to students to help them pay for their schooling, housing, and supplies such as books and materials. Student loans are often offered at a much lower interest than a personal loan. They have different requirements that usually allow the student to wait a certain amount of time before they begin making payments. They are backed by banks, institutions, and most often the government.

Financial Aid from a School

Some schools will offer their own financial aid program. They may differ slightly from one school to the next but are generally set up like a payment plan schedule. They will allow a student to pay their tuition over a certain period of time, sometimes charging interest.

When looking for a dental assisting school, search around and ask questions about the different types of financial aid that are offered. Decide what form of aid will work best for you and try your best to achieve that. There are lots of different programs out there so put on your detective gear and search around, you never know what you may find!

Is Dental X-Ray Exposure Safe?


A routine part of a dental check up is getting x-rays. Some may wonder if the dental x-ray is really a safe option and if they should have them done. Let’s take a look at what the experts say about having x-rays taken when you are at the dentists office.

Why is a dental x-ray taken?

dental x-rayX-ray images of the teeth are a great way for the dentist to see any problems with the teeth. These images help them to see inside of the mouth with greater detail. X-rays show the oral tissue, bones and teeth in a way the dentist cannot see with the naked eye. They are a great tool to see the roots of the teeth, check for cavities, and see the growth of teeth that have not yet emerged.


Does an x-ray give off radiation?

Yes, it does however the amount is so small it’s almost insignificant. In fact, just walking around the earth we are all exposed to radiation from the sun every day. Other equipment like CT scans and regular x-rays give off much more radiation. The dental x-ray gives off one of the smallest amounts of radiation than any other device. The amount of radiation exposure from one set of x-rays can be compared to that of flying on an airplane for a short 1 – 2 hour flight. The American Dental Association recommends a patient work with their dentist in order to form a personalized x-ray plan. Some patients will not need x-rays often if they have healthy teeth. Working closely with your dentist will ensure that you are getting the best care while weighing the benefits and risks.

What can I do to protect myself from radiation?dental x-ray

The dental assistant that takes the x-rays has been trained and certified. They know what to do to protect the patient and themselves. There are also regulations set in place for equipment to ensure safety. Patients will wear a protective vest during an oral x-ray to protect their body from radiation exposure. Don’t hesitate to express your concerns to your doctor or the dental assistant. Their priority is your safety, and they can talk you through all of the safety measures that are in place.

The benefits of having a dental x-ray done most often outweigh the risks. They can be a great preventative tool to help keep your mouth healthy.

Is There a Dental Assisting School Near Me?

“When I saw the American Institute of Dental Assisting I knew it would be the right school for me. I was looking around for a dental assisting school near me and was having a hard time until I found this school. I am so happy that I found a school that was close to me and offered a quick program. My training was great and I love my new job” -Sarah T., former student of the American Institute of Dental Assisting

Finding a school to attend can be a difficult task. Many students will do research and spend hours searching. They will tour several different schools in search of one that will be just the right fit for them. Every program has something a little bit different to offer and students must decide what is important to them and find a school that matches that.

Dental Assisting School Near Medental assisting school near me

The American Institute of Dental Assisting is conveniently located in the east valley. It is an easy commute to those living in the Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Apache Junction, and Queen Creek area. It is also just a short drive away from freeway access. This allows students from the west valley to travel to the school with convenience.

What Our Program Offers

dental assisting school near meThe American Institute of Dental Assisting offers a short 13-week program. We have found that this is the perfect amount of time to teach students what they need to know in order to be successful on the job. We teach with a hands-on approach. All of our students learn with real dentists and real patients. This practice in a real dental environment will help them develop the necessary skills to be a great dental assistant.

If you’ve been looking around and asking yourself “is there a dental assisting school near me?”, the answer is yes, there is! We are right around the corner and ready to help you achieve your dreams of starting a great career. Give us a call today and schedule a tour!

Basic Dental Assisting Skills

basic dental assisting skills

During their training, dental assistants will learn a wide range of information and skills. One of the first and most basic dental assisting skills that is taught is the tooth numbering system. Did you know that each tooth in the mouth is given a specific number? The tooth numbering system is used because it is an effective way to track which tooth a dentist is working on.

What is the Universal Numbering System?

The most commonly used system of tracking teeth is called the universal numbering system. It has been adopted by the American Dental Association and is used by almost every dentist in the United States. It is also commonly known as the “American System” since it is mainly used in America.

Why is it used?

There are a lot of teeth in the mouth and it would be difficult to merely describe which tooth needed work. Dentists also use this system in charting patient information. As basic dental assisting skills are taught, the student will learn how to track a patients information in the patient chart. Using tooth numbers is an effective way to record which teeth had work done or are in need of work in the future.

How does it work?basic dental assisting skills

The Universal Numbering System uses the numbers 1 through 32. The wisdom teeth are counted in this numbering system, so some people may not actually have all 32 teeth in their mouth at one time. Numbering starts on the top right side of the mouth with tooth number 1. It continues along the top arch and ends with tooth number 16 as the last tooth on the top left. Counting then continues on the bottom arch with the tooth farthest back on the left side as tooth number 17. It continues along the bottom arch and ends on the far back right with tooth number 32.

Are there other ways to number teeth?

Yes. There are a several systems of tooth numbering available around the world. The Universal Numbering System is used in the United States but there are other more common methods used in different countries. Some specialists like orthodontists and oral surgeons may use a different system that meets their needs better.

Why is tooth numbering one of the basic dental assisting skills?

Dental assistants use tooth numbering all day long when they are on the job. They need to know the numbering well. They are also taught other basic dental assisting skills such as tooth anatomy and structures.

Who Can Become A Dental Assistant?

become a dental assistantMany may view dental assisting as a job for younger females. While this may have been true years ago, it’s not the case now. Dental assisting can be a great job choice for some one looking for a new career option. Who can become a dental assistant? Anyone!

Training and Flexibility

become a dental assistantIn order to become a dental assistant, a training program must be completed. As long as a person can complete the training and perform the required tasks there are no limits on who can work. A job as a dental assistant can have flexibility so it’s a great choice for those who need specific hours. Each dental office will be open different hours so students are usually able to find an office whose schedule matches their own.

Varied Career Paths

become a dental assistantDental assisting can be a great career for new high school graduates. Some students will choose this path because they can get through school quickly and start working while they continue their schooling. Others will love it so much that they decide to stay in the dental field. Some will use dental assisting training as a stepping stone to getting into dental or hygienist school.

No Prerequisites

become a dental assistantDental assisting is a great career choice for those who are older and looking to change careers or start work after having children. There are no prerequisites to get into dental assisting school so it can be a great career to get started on right away.

Anyone Can Become A Dental Assistant

Both males and females alike can become a dental assistant. Things like age, gender, or race never play a factor in a dental assisting career. Whether 18 years old or 60, there is always a place for someone who is willing and able to learn the skills.

become a dental assistant

No matter where you may be in your life, if you’re interested in learning more, give us a call. Anyone can become a dental assistant!