Important Advantages Of Being A Dental Assistant

dental school clinic Everyone wants a job that gives them satisfaction and adds to their lives, rather than a job that detracts from their happiness. Oftentimes, you don’t know if that will be true for any given position until you’ve worked in it for a significant amount of time. If you’re considering starting dental assistant training courses, which can give you real-world experience through dental school clinics and hands-on dental training, you should know the advantages you’ll see once the training is complete.

Variety In Your Work

Unlike those who work in boring desk jobs and do the same menial tasks every day, dental assistants are always meeting new people and performing new responsibilities.

As a dental assistant, you will see new patients every day. By helping these different people day in and day out, you won’t have two days that are exactly alike. Each day, you will meet new people and help them meet their health goals by determining their unique dental needs.

Work Schedules To Fit Your Life

A great benefit of being a dental assistant is that you likely won’t have to work on the weekends or at nights. You will work when the dentist office is open, which is typically during regular business hours on the weekdays. For working parents, this type of schedule is very important. This will give you the time off that you need to spend time with and take care of your family. It will also offer a predictable schedule from one day to the next. With this predictability, you’ll be better ready for the hectic nature of the rest of your life.

Great Pay

You deserve to get the proper compensation for the work that you do, and dental assistants typically do. In Arizona in 2017, the mean annual wage of dental assistants was $39,580, according to a survey from the Occupational Employment Statistics program. Of course, the exact pay will vary depending on where you work. Many places of employment also offer benefits such as paid vacation, paid sick leave, 401(k), and paid holidays to dental assistants.


By simply attending dental assistant school, which is full of practical training and dental school clinics, you can find the perfect balance between a career you enjoy and one that gives you the pay and schedule you need. Dive into the world of dental assistants today and find the job that will finally give you professional satisfaction.

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