The Importance of Hands-On Dental Assistant Training

The Importance of Hands-On Dental Assistant Training

When you commit yourself to following a new career path, you want to ensure that the education you’re getting sticks. This is especially the case in fields like dentistry that involve using instruments with a steady hand. It’s for this reason that the dental assisting industry requires more than simple classroom instruction. This is the importance of hands-on dental assistant training and what it provides to its dedicated students.

Helps Build Confidence

Being confident in your role as a dental assistant is key to performing daily tasks well and without hesitation. As such, hands-on dental assistant training is essential to helping you develop that confidence and physical skill. Already having this experience under your belt will also allow you to better market yourself in the job hunt and display your achievements proudly in an interview.

Access to Live Demonstrations

Though classroom instruction is one method to learn, many individuals absorb information more effectively by watching the process being performed live. This aspect makes hands-on training extremely valuable, as it can speed up the learning process and allow a student more opportunity to get a solid grasp on the information. These programs also give students the chance to try out the tasks they just watched, allowing their minds to process that information again and commit it to memory.

Learning From Mistakes

Mistakes are bound to happen when you’re first learning a new skill, but learning on the job removes any margin for error. This raises the overall risk involved with performing the task and increases your level of stress at your new job. But in the lab setting, you can make as many initial mistakes as you need to without putting a live patient at risk. Therefore, you can practice what you’ve learned as much as you need to and eliminate the frequency of your mistakes as you do so.

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