How Long is Dental Assistant School?

How long is dental assistant school? Great question! The good news is that when it comes to dental assisting there are several schools to choose from. Program lengths will vary from one school to another. So how long is dental assistant school? Let’s take a look at a few factors.

Length of Program

Some programs are significantly longer than others, so what’s the difference? It may surprise you to learn that often times the programs length has nothing to do with the amount of information that is being taught. In fact, longer programs are often filled with information that you don’t need to know to become a dental assistant.

So why would a school teach useless information? It usually has to do with different types of funding the school can receive. Certain types of funding have course length requirements. In the dental assisting field these are often 9 or 18 month programs. So in order to get the money a school needs it will fill up the curriculum with extra “fluff”.

Not only is this fluff useless to your future career, it will cost you more than you realize. It will keep you in school longer which will cost more money. Money being spent on unnecessary tuition, books and supplies. It will waste your time in a classroom when you could be out working. And it will keep you from starting your career sooner. How long is dental assistant school that you want to attend? Look closer into their curriculum and see if it’s all really necessary to the job you want.

Do I need a longer program to get a job?

Let’s take a look at the requirements that you will need. In Arizona, there is no certificate or degree requirement to work as a dental assistant. But you may have a tough time finding a job for a skill you know nothing about. Employers are looking for formal training in an applicant so they don’t have to provide on the job training.

There are two types of education levels you can get as a dental assistant. The first is a certificate of completion. Certificates are often achieved with shorter programs, those that are 9 months or shorter. The second is an associates degree in applied sciences in dental assisting. This degree is typically a program that is 18 months or longer.

It’s important to know that you will learn the same necessary dental assisting skills no matter if you have a certificate or a degree. When it comes down to it, it’s really a matter of personal preference. But why waste two years of your life in a classroom when you can train for the same career is less than half the time?

So how long is dental assistant school?

At the American Institute of Dental Assisting we believe that your schooling should only last 13 weeks. You can learn everything you need to become an excellent dental assistant without all the fluff and wasted time and money. You can start your career sooner and be happier with the confidence and thorough training you received from us. Our hands on training and innovative approach to learning will have you starting a better career sooner.

How long is dental assistant school? Our answer: 13 weeks.

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