Five Benefits of Dental Assistant Training

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In 2017, 7,030 dental assistants were employed in the state of Arizona, according to a survey from the Occupational Employment Statistics program. If you want to begin a stable career, but have found that traditional colleges aren’t for you, here are some of the benefits that can come from attending a dental college.

1. Less than One Year of Schooling

For those who don’t want to spend four or more years pursuing a degree, dental assistant training is something to consider. In less than one year you can become certified and ready to work. Most dental colleges only require a high school diploma to get started, and career-centered programs can be tailored to suit your busy schedule.

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2. Full-time Opportunities

If you’re tired of part-time job opportunities, you’ll be pleased to know that most dental assistant roles offer full-time employment. By receiving your certification from an accredited dental school clinic, you’ll be able to break into the field and feel comfortable thanks to your hands-on dental training. This experience can also make you more appealing to employers, meaning you’ll be able to find a steady full-time position in less time than you’d think. However, it’s worth noting that part-time positions are also readily available for those who would prefer fewer hours during the week.

3. A Comfortable Work Environment

Outdoor jobs can be uncomfortable during the winter and summer months, while retail positions are downright crazy during the holidays. If you’re tired of working in uncomfortable positions like this, dental assistant training courses are something to consider. Dental offices are often clean, calm, and overall comfortable. Meant to make patients feel at ease, the environment also makes for a lovely place to work. During classes, your dental school clinic can help give you a taste of what working in an actual office is like, as you’ll be assisting actual patients in a similar environment.

4. A Positive Job Market

Receiving dental assistant training in a dental school clinic helps prepare you for the positive job market that exists. There are no shortages when it comes to job opportunities and the field is projected to continue growing by 31% in 2020. This is much faster than compared to other job markets, so if job security is important to you, this is just one more benefit a dental assistant career can provide.

5. More Opportunities for You

While some dental assistants choose to stay in their roles and make it their primary careers, many choose to advance further in the field. Dental assistants who undergo additional training can go on to become dental hygienists, while others can advance to being office managers. Regardless of your future goals, dental assistant training can put you on the fast track to starting a life long rewarding career.

If traditional college isn’t for you, consider the benefits of joining a dental assistant program. Dental school clinic training can take as little as a year to complete, after which you can begin working in the field and establishing your reputation. In the future, you can even opt for more training to help advance you further into the field.

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to a school near you for more information, and to learn how their program can help put you on the fast track to success.

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