Dental Industry Trends

Whether you’re starting your educational journey in dentistry or well into your career, understanding how trends will affect dental practices in the near future can help you succeed. There are several developments to keep an eye on.


Intraoral Dental Scanning 

This technology takes 3D, HD and full-color scans of the entire mouth in just minutes without molds. It creates a clearer view of the mouth than older technology and is more comfortable for the patient. Intraoral dental scanning also makes it easier to spot and fix unclear images. If you are studying to be a dental assistant, you will want to prepare yourself for using intraoral scanners.

Minimally Invasive Care

As intraoral scanners allow for less invasive care, researchers are testing equipment that allows dentists to stop and treat cavities with tooth remineralization. Currently, silver diamine fluoride, amorphous calcium phosphate and sodium fluoride are possible alternatives to filling cavities.

Virtual Dentistry

Teledentistry and augmented reality are here to stay. Dental professionals learn online and through video, and patients consult with dentists by phone call or video conference unless they need to be physically present in the office. As a dental assistant, honing your interpersonal skills with patients in person will also help you develop the skills you need to be a reassuring, professional presence online and on the phone.

3D Printing  

Dentists may soon use 3D printers for dental restorations for a faster turn-around time and more durable restorations. If you are training to become a dental assistant, becoming familiar with 3D printers and the latest digital technology will help you in your career.

Concierge Services

In a concierge-style practice, patients pay a monthly service fee, whether they need to visit a dentist or not. In return, they can book appointments easily and get a luxurious, low-stress and personalized environment for their needs. Some concierge service dental practices look like a spa and commit themselves to a holistic patient experience. Working with live patients will help you hone the attentive skills concierge service practices need.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI continues to grow as an important part of dentistry, where it helps do everything from book appointments to help dental professionals predict lesions and patients’ dental health needs. AI promises better, personalized care by sifting through large amounts of data and using predictive technology.

Find Your Timeless Dental Career

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If you’re ready to build skills to become a dental assistant, you can enroll in our 13-week course or contact us today to learn more about how an education with AIDA gets you started in your career.

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