Dental Assistants Attire

dental assistants attire Scrubs. Have you ever noticed that most of the staff at the dentists office seem to be wearing them? You’ve also seen them at the doctors office, hospital, and when you take your dog to the vet. You even see them on your favorite TV show each week. So why are scrubs so popular in the medical field and why is it a part of a dental assistants attire?

History of Scrubs

The introduction of scrubs started in the 1940s when the need for a clean operating room arose. Before this time, doctors would perform surgeries in their street clothes and use an apron to protect their clothing. But doctors soon discovered that a sterile environment was necessary for the safety of both the doctor and the patient.

Anatomy of the Scrub

The medical scrub has evolved over the years. Todays scrubs are made out of 100% cotton or a cotton poly blend. This type of fabric is used because it is comfortable and easy to clean. Tops are usually short sleeve and made with a v-neckline. Pants are drawstring which are easy to adjust. Some styles of scrubs will have pockets or buttons.

Easily Cleaned

dental assistants attire People working in a medical environment need to be able to easily clean their clothing. This is important for a dental assistants attire as they can get droplets of saliva or other debris on their clothing during procedures. Scrubs are made to be durable and handle being washed in very hot water everyday.

Dental Assistants Attire

In a dental office, scrubs can be worn by the dentist, hygienist, and dental assistant. They may even be worn by other office staff. Scrubs come in many colors and designs and will vary from one office to another. Some offices will have all of their staff wear the same color scrubs and a dental assistants attire will match that of the staff. No matter what style they are, scrubs are the best dental assistants attire; they are clean, comfortable, and functional for a full day’s work.

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