Dental Assistant Tasks

In a dental office, there are several different staff members. Each person has a different job to do. And each person has been trained in that job. Dental assistant tasks are very important to a dental office. They have many jobs, but their main job is to take care of the patient. They also do a lot to help the dentist treat a patient.

Dental Assistant Tasks

Dental assistants work closely with the dentist. Below are just a few of the dental assistant tasks they may do while on the job:

  • dental assistant tasks
    Dental assistants take x-rays

    Make sure the patient is comfortable in the dental chair

  • Assist in dental procedures
  • Take impressions of the mouth
  • Make a temporary crown
  • Take and process dental x-rays
  • Prepare materials for restorations and dental impressions
  • Eliminate sutures and apply topical anesthetics
  • Basic procedures like applying cavity-preventive substances to the gums and teeth
  • Polish and clean removable appliances like retainers
  • Teach the patient about how to care for their teeth
  • General office tasks such as setting and confirming appointments
  • Maintain patient dental records

Dental assistants have a big role in the office. About dental assistants, Dr. Hastings says:

dental assistant tasks “When they do their job well, they are essential to a dental office. Every dentist needs a good assistant that knows their stuff. They should  work hard in school so that they can be confident in their ability to perform a task. As a dentist myself, I know how useful an assistant can be. That’s why we train students the way we do in our school. I know that the best dental assistants are the ones that have had true hands on training. When their school environment is set up for success, then they will surely succeed”

If you are interested in becoming a dental assistant, give us a call to schedule a tour. Come see what makes us different. We care about your education and want you to succeed.

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