Dental Assistant Jobs in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona. The valley of the sun. A place known for it’s year round sunshine, hiking, and beautiful sunsets. Turns out it’s also a great place to get a job. Dental assistant jobs in Phoenix are abundant and in high demand. So if you are already a part of this great desert, then stay put. You’ll be sure to have plenty of choices when it comes to finding a job.

Dental Assistant Jobs Nationwide

dental assistant jobs in phoenix
Top 10 states for dental assisting growth

It might surprise you that the dental assisting field can vary drastically from one state to the next. From salary to job openings, the state you live in can make a big difference. Sources from give detailed data about the dental assisting field across the United States. And Arizona is ranked among the top ten states that experience the most job growth.

Arizona averages an annual dental assisting job growth rate of 43.5%. This is one of the highest growth rates across the United States. Many other states have a very minimal dental assisting growth rate each year. The states of Idaho, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington only experience a 1-2% growth rate each year. And even more surprisingly the states of Hawaii, Nevada, Vermont, and West Virginia have a less than 1% growth rate. Our neighboring state of California only has a 12% rate of job growth.

Dental Assistant Jobs in Phoenix

dental assistant jobs in phoenix
Arizona dental assistant employment rate

So what does this all mean for you? You are in the right place for a dental assisting career! Dental assistant jobs in Phoenix are plentiful. Zip Recruiter lists over a thousand dental assistant jobs in Phoenix and new openings are being posted every day. The first step to starting a great career is selecting the best dental assisting school.

The American Institute of Dental Assisting offers a thorough 13 week program to get you started in a new career sooner. We offer true hands on training with live patient clinics to help students be more prepared. After training at an excellent dental assisting school, you’ll be sure to find a great job with your new career. Best of all, you won’t have to move your life or your family in order to do it. You can stay right here, in the stunning state of Arizona.

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