Dental Assistant Job Market in Arizona

dental assistant job market in Arizona
The dental assistant job market in Arizona is on the rise

Job security is one of the most important factors to consider when entering a new career. Your time and money are valuable. You want to know that the job you choose can be a long-term career. Luckily for you, dental assisting is the place to be. The dental assistant job market in Arizona is booming right now. And forecasts predict that this trend will keep rising.

Dental Assistant Job Market in Arizona

dental assisting job growth in arizona The dental assistant job market in Arizona is growing, and it’s growing fast! In fact, compared to the rest of the nation, Arizona is the place to be. Did you know that Phoenix is the most highly populated state capital in the entire nation? Phoenix has over 1 million residents, which is actually the only state capital to reach over 1 million residents in the entire United States. Working in a highly populated area can create nearly unlimited job potential.

The dental assistant job market in Arizona is so great that dental assistants are making more money than the national wage average. According to the Dental Assistants National Board, certified dental assistants in Arizona average $22.25 per hour. And the best part is that you can get through school fast and into your new career right away. Flexible hours with great pay, yes please! 13 weeks is all you need to get started in your new dream career.

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Dental Assistant Job Market Growth

The dental assistant industry is trending upward. Between the years 2016 – 2026, it is predicted to grow 19%. That’s more than double the growth that other industries are seeing. In fact, apart from other healthcare support occupations, every other industry is predicted to have an increase of only 7%. Dental assisting is in the top 25 fastest growing occupations in the United States  This gives dental assistants a huge advantage when it comes to the job market.

What is prompting such large growth in the industry? Well, all those baby boomers from the 1960’s are now growing up. Which means that a huge portion of the population is getting older all at the same time. And since people today are keeping more of their permanent teeth than in the past there are more teeth to care for. Which in turn means that all of these baby boomers are placing an increased demand on dental care.

With this increased demand being placed on the dental industry, now is the perfect time to enter the field. As dental practices grow, more dental assistants will be needed. Which means more opportunities to work in a long-term, flexible career with a great salary! The national average for dental assistants wages is $18.09 per hours. Experienced dental assistants can make up to $25 or more per hour.







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