Dental Assistant Instructor Questions

questions to ask your dental instructor

As a dental assistant, your role within the office is integral to its success. You’ll carry out important tasks and procedures, from helping with administrative tasks to working closely with the dentist on techniques and providing patient comfort. You help take care of patients and ensure that the office runs smoothly.  

It’s essential to ask your dental assistant instructor questions to learn about your role. While going through your dental training, there may be ideas or procedures that you don’t get right away — that’s okay! Taking the time to fully understand what you’re doing and how to do it will better prepare you for future situations.


1. Why Is This Important? 

It’s crucial to understand the purpose behind any task or decision. Knowing why dentists use a particular instrument or why a specific procedure is necessary for a situation are potential questions to give you a clearer picture. You can memorize all the processes and terms, but understanding the importance of each will provide you with deeper insight into your educational experience.

2. Am I Doing This Right? 

Feedback on your progress is essential to becoming a qualified and thriving dental assistant. Asking for feedback will show your instructors your determination to succeed and ensure that you know what to do when working in an office setting. Learning is a constant in school and the workforce and it’s helpful to get into the habit of gaining insight from others on how to improve.

3. How Will I Use This When I Get a Job?

Throughout your dental assisting program, you’ll gain hands-on practice with various procedures. Once you understand the “why” behind each lesson, you should ask your dental assistant instructor when and how to complete each task. Ask about signs to use specific procedures and how to use them successfully will refine your decision-making skills to help your patients better.

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