Bad Breath?

Dirty little secret that mouthwash companies don’t want you to know!

Bad Breath? People have undertaken efforts to solve bad breath problems since the time of ancient civilizations.  For many centuries a variety of gums, mints, cinnamon sticks, anise seeds and parsley have been used to thwart “bad breath” by people from Europe to East Asia, from South America to the Middle East from the Caribbean to North America.

Halitosis creates problems in all areas of life.  Professionally, halitosis in the workplace can lead to uncomfortable moments with co-workers and can reduce opportunities for career advancement.

Socially, those afflicted with” bad breath” experience heightened anxiety in social settings, avoiding face-to-face encounters with the knowledge that their breath is off-putting, causing them to avoid such occasions and restricting their ability to lead fulfilling social lives.

Personally, “bad breath” hinders the lives of those who suffer from it. They tend to avoid intimate displays of affection with spouses or children due to the possible discomfort the smell their breath might cause.  As evidenced by the myriad of advertisements for mouthwash halitosis can be a severe impediment to a rewarding love life, as it negatively affects one’s appeal in intimate situations!

In short, it affects suffers from the time they awaken until the time they fall asleep. It has debilitatin effects upon their quality of life!

It is why people have sought to cure and prevent halitosis for thousands of years.

But what causes halitosis and can it be cured?

90% of bad breath is caused in the mouth by anaerobic bacteria that accumulate on the back of the tongue, ingest protein rich mouth debris, then excrete vast amounts of foul smelling volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s)  resembling rotten eggs, decaying fish and rancid dairy products.

Alcohol exacerbates the problem by drying out the mouth and creating a perfect environment for anaerobic bacteria to flourish.  It does not kill anaerobic bacteria, but contributes to its effectiveness in creating VSC’s, the cause of halitosis.  Anaerobic bacteria CAUSES HALITOSIS!

Chlorine dioxide has been proven to kill anaerobic bacteria.  Tooth paste or mouthwashes containing Chlorine dioxide are the only oral hygiene products that will effectively cure halitoris.

None of the products manufactured commercially for control or cure of bad breath contain Chlorine dioxide, BUT almost ALL mouthwashes contain alcohol which encourages the anaerobic bacteria to thrive and produce MORE  BAD BREATH!

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