Should I Attend Trade School Instead of College?

trade school Trade school, also known as vocational school, can be a great option for many people. Yet, more often than not, high school graduates are pushed straight into a four-year college degree program. Traditional college programs can have great things to offer. But they are designed for a specific person with a certain career path. Not everyone can fit into that mold. Let’s take a look at why a vocational school may be a better option for you.

Trade School vs. College

A trade or vocational school offers exactly what the name implies; training for a specific trade, skill or job. They have a shorter schooling time than traditional college. That’s because they teach only the skills needed to succeed in a specific field of study. They usually have a much bigger focus on hands-on training. This type of training can lead to well-paying jobs in a variety of industries such as dental, electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, and many more. These positions generally offer reasonable pay with room for growth and expansion.


College can be expensive. The College Board reports that one year of college averages $24,061. That’s a lot of money! Most of us can’t afford to spend that much each year, and the cost of college continues to increase. In contrast, trade school is drastically cheaper and much more affordable. But don’t let the price tag fool you. You can still get a great education and career with a much smaller price tag.

Time Spent in School

You’ll spend less time in school focusing on only the skills that matter. After all, is it really necessary to take a course in foreign affairs when you’re studying to become a dental assistant? Spend less time learning about unrelated topics and more time mastering the skills that really matter.

Specialized Training

Trade schools will give you all of the hands-on learning that you will need. You will learn exactly how to complete a job not just from a text book but from actually doing it. It’s a proven fact that humans learn better by doing rather than observing. You didn’t learn how to ride a bike by reading about it, did you?

Job Security and Salary

Hands-on, skilled professionals are in high demand. That’s because we can’t get those products from overseas. We need people here in the US who can perform the skills we need. And having a specific skill means that you will be paid a higher salary.

Specialized training from a trade school can be a great asset for someone who wants to start a career in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

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