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live patient clinics Considering a career in dentistry? Back in 2017, there was an estimated over 7,000 dental assistants in the state of Arizona alone, according to an Occupational Employment Statistics program survey. There is no doubt that this path has led to a fulfilling and productive career for many.

If you are a dental assistant looking to get more from your job, consider working with the DANB to earn your certification today. 95% of certificants are able to view this occupation as a true career, rather than a weekly paycheck, and 89% have a high satisfaction level with their dental assistant job

It is time to get the peace of mind and contentment you deserve. Learn more about DANB today.

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What is the DANB?

Now, many dental assistants received training from live patient clinics and have taken the appropriate dental assistant training courses necessary for doing a thorough and effective job. Yet, that does not mean more assistance will not eventually be required down the line. That’s where the DANB comes in.

DANB stands for Dental Assisting National Board, Inc., and it is a nonprofit organization that strives to provide dental assistants with further training and certifications necessary for doing the best job possible.

What are the Advantages of Holding a DANB Certification?

One major advantage of obtaining this certification? More pay. Survey results show that around 70% of DANB certification holders wind up getting a raise, with many earning more than $2 more per hour than those without a certification.

Along with this, DANB recipients experience a lower turnover rate, so you are more likely to stay in one place for multiple years. That means job security, along with a good opportunity for growth within one particular business.

Easier Career Advancement

Like we said, moving up in a company is a lot easier with a DANB certification in tow. This, combined with the training at your dental college and your experience at live patient clinics, will give you some great opportunities for advancement.

These certifications expand your knowledge, qualifying you to take on more duties and perform more tasks. Take your career to the next level by considering some DANB training today.

Providing Higher Quality Services

If you are in this field, the level of care and expertise you provide can make a big impact on overall customer satisfaction. You have the power to make someone’s dental experience more comfortable, ensuring they receive the highest level of care possible. If you want to excel, this is one way to do it.

Work With Us

If you want to experience training at live patient clinics at a dental school clinic in your area, work with our team today. We can provide you with everything necessary to get you the career you are hoping for.

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