6 Good Reasons to Go to Dental School

real-world experience

real-world experience

People looking to pursue dentistry are often told many things regarding the profession, some of which are either partly false or completely untrue. The fact is that dentistry is a challenging but highly rewarding career. The dental industry has dramatically evolved through the years. Today, the field has a wide variety of specializations from which you can choose.

Regardless of the field of dentistry you wish to pursue, you stand to enjoy the many benefits involved with going to dental school. In this article, you’ll learn six of the top reasons you might consider this educational option.

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1. Highly Respected Professions

Did you know that dentistry is regarded among the top 10 most trusted and ethical professions in the United States? A dentist is considered a community figure and is highly esteemed and trusted by the people they serve. Other professions within the dentistry field are also seen as being highly respectable.

Generally, people take their dental health very seriously, and they know the importance of having a dentist with real-world experience to provide them with utmost dental care. Dental assistants and other professionals working in the field can benefit from positive public perception in the pursuit of their careers.

2. Provision of Help to Others

Few careers are more service oriented than dentistry. A dentist spends most of their time providing assistance to people who need it, while a dental assistant will use their skills to help both the dentist and the patient. Upon graduating from dental school, you can make a huge difference in the lives of your patients by restoring their smiles and self-image while enabling them to speak and eat properly. By encouraging the adoption of healthy habits, you can help patients to preserve their overall quality of life.

The moment you relieve a patient’s pain from a toothache or install a functional crown, you get instant gratification. Students fresh from dental college look forward to this real-world experience and they’re hardly ever disappointed.

3. Impressive Job Stability

Due to the high demand for dental care in the country, dentistry is an extremely stable career choice. In fact, the industry has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States, even for people with practical dental assistant training.

Oral health care is a necessity for people of all ages. But dentists offer much more than just basic dental care. An increasing number of people today visit dental clinics for cosmetic dentistry services. And as older dentists retire from the field, the need for more people with hands-on dental training and real-world experience is ever on the rise.

4. Stable Income

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dentists earned a median salary of $146,340 in 2013. That figure has considerably increased since then, making dentists some of the best paid individuals in the country.

Dentists are able to dictate the amount of money they make by the amount of work they do and their business model. What’s more, dental assistants will often reap the benefits of competitive salaries. While figures may vary depending on your area, your experience, and the given practice, you’ll be able to provide for yourself and your family without financial worry.

5. Balanced Lifestyle

One of the reasons people pursue dentistry as a career is because dentists and dental assistants have the freedom to lead a balanced lifestyle between career, family, and social life. Dentists with private practices can decide how much work they want to do in a week, while dental assistants can often negotiate flexibility in order to meet their other obligations. Some dentists work only three days a week, leaving them with more than enough time to focus on other areas of their lives. Many dental assistant positions may be part-time, as well, allowing professionals to work as needed while making time for their loved ones.

6. Team-Oriented Workplaces

Dentists are rarely lone practitioners. In truth, dentistry is a team-oriented career. A dental team is needed to restore and maintain the dental health of one patient. The team usually consists of a dental hygienist, a dental assistant, a lab technician, and a dentist. Sometimes, a dentist with real-world experience plays a role as part of an inter-professional team, working hand-in-hand with other health professionals to improve the overall health of a patient.

Working in the dental industry has many perks, especially for people looking to balance a good career with a satisfying home life. Not only do these professions offer flexible hours and a stable income, but also provide the chance to help people and work in a team.

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