5 Top Reasons for Becoming a Dental Assistant

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dental industry Dental assistants work in dentists’ offices. Their work is usually handling patients by receiving them, gathering their information, and scheduling appointments. They also organize the office and communicate with the lab and office suppliers.

Essentially, dental assistants help people feel comfortable and happy while at the dentist’s office. While they do provide extra help to the dentist, dental assistants don’t need to spend years in school to start working. By enrolling in dental assistance training courses, you can jump into the dental industry and start a rewarding career right away. Here are some reasons you may want to consider this career path in the dental industry.

1. You Can Jump Right In

Although you might assume that you’ll need to spend years in school before entering the dental industry in any capacity, the reality is that you may be able to get started in a short amount of time. By enrolling in a program that offers hand-on dental training as part of the curriculum, you’ll have a chance to get the experience you need to feel comfortable embarking on this professional path. Those who can’t or don’t want to devote several years to their schooling before being hired will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this isn’t necessary when becoming a dental assistant. It’s a career you can pursue in a short amount of time, provided you enroll in a dental school clinic to fast-track your professional ambitions.

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2. You’ll Experience Good Working Conditions

Going to a dental college and joining the dental industry offers you a clean, climate-controlled, and quiet environment. Work in a dental office is diverse because of the many different patients that walk in. As a dental assistant, you will work under a dentist’s supervision, performing a blend of care, laboratory, and office duties.

Since you are required to do such tasks as sterilizing dental instruments and process X-rays, you will be provided with the necessary gear to protect yourself. This keeps you from harming yourself in any way while at work.

3. You’ll Have Many Employment Opportunities to Choose From

The dental industry is vast and there are different specialists for different areas. Dental assistants are not only needed by general dentists, but also by specialists like oral surgeons, implantologists, orthodontists, and pedodontists. This implies that wherever you live, you can make your dream to be a dental assistant come true.

The numbers, too, are in favor of becoming a dental assistant. In 2017 alone, nearly 127.6 million adults in the United States visited a dentist. Those are 127.6 million patient records that need filling, 127.6 million appointments that need scheduling, 127.6 million X-rays (or more) to process… and the list goes on. If you’re looking to get into a growing field with ample opportunities, you can turn this dream into reality by taking dental assisting classes at a dental school near you.

4. You’ll Experience Professional Growth

A career in dental assisting is engaging and fast-paced. It is one of the few professions in which you are assured of no two days being exactly the same. It is an excellent way to test the waters of the dental industry, gain real-world experience, and gain industry knowledge. After a while, you will be able to understand what it takes to successfully run a dental practice, which includes aspects such as patient care and administration. Many people use dental assisting as a stepping stone toward other careers in the dental industry. Such people end up working as dental hygienists, dental office managers, and other related fields.

5. You’ll Have a Rewarding Career

Have you heard any of your peers complaining about their tedious office job that leaves them drained but unfulfilled? If you become a dental assistant, you won’t have to go through such an experience. An integral part of being an excellent dental assistant is making sure the patients feel comfortable and happy. You’ll put all your patients first, no matter the circumstances, and seeing this reflect on their faces will bring forth an overwhelming sense of joy and pride.

The two most essential skills needed for a career in dental assisting are customer service and communication. This gives you a picture of the demeanor of the person required for this type of job. If dental assisting sounds like the right career for you, this is the time to sign up for classes at a dental school. This could be the kickstart your career in dentistry needs.

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