5 Dental Assistant Resume Tips

A well-organized resume helps you prove to a dental office that you are the best candidate for the job. To make your resume work for you, follow these top five tips and get the position of your dreams!

1. Create a Genuine Objective

An objective is an excellent way to make your intentions clear. It’s also an excellent way for a dental office to determine if your goals and priorities align well with their company culture. When creating the objective, remember that the message should be no longer than three lines. It should also highlight your most significant achievements, experience and skills.

2. Organize Your Resume Correctly

Your resume needs to grab and hold the attention of the application reviewer, so you want to be sure to organize it correctly. For example, your education should always come first. This is an essential qualification, and the quality of your education will make you a desirable candidate for the office. 

Then, you want your work experience to follow. This structure demonstrates that you can back up your education with experience in which you successfully employed your knowledge to serve patients and collaborate with a team of certified dental employees. 

Note: If this is your first dental assistant job, put your education first, then list your skills and certifications. Describe your work experience last.

3. Be Selective With Work History

Work history is a great place to highlight more than dental assistant experience. For instance, when submitting a resume for your first dental assistant position, you’ll want to review your other job experience and compare the responsibilities and skills you developed in those roles with the dental assistant job description. Use bullet points to describe the relevant duties you performed in previous positions to help you look appealing to the dental office.

Some examples of transferrable experience include:

  • Customer service
  • Multitasking work
  • Scheduling and appointment management
  • Organizing records and files

4. Incorporate Your Dental Assistant Knowledge

In your resume objective and when describing any professional experience as a dental assistant, demonstrate your knowledge with technical terms. Just be sure to use the words strategically so it’s not a chore to review your resume — employ enough vocabulary to show confidence and comfort in the industry without making it hard to read.

5. Align Skills With Job Description

At the end of your resume, you should include a list of skills you are proficient in or certifications you hold. These competencies are another vital source of information for helping a company or dental office determine if you’re a good fit for their team. To create an attractive list of abilities, do the following:

  1. Print out the job description
  2. Highlight the skills that they are looking for
  3. Consider your work history and education
  4. Develop a list of skills that aligns your experience with their needs

Learn What the American Institute of Dental Assisting Can Do for You

There is no single way to write and organize a great resume. The goal is to ensure your resume content is working for you. Place the most important and relevant information first, then support it with other experience or skills that make you look even more qualified. For more information on finding a dental assistant job or if you are in search of an in-depth dental assistant education, contact the American Institute of Dental Assisting today!

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