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How to Select a Dental Assistant Training School

When it comes to embarking on your career as a dental assistant, figuring out where to start can be difficult. Though it might initially seem like a straightforward process, turning your vision for the future into a reality requires careful research and planning. This is especially true as you look for the right school to

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The Role of the Dental Assistant in Pediatric Dentistry

From the time that kids develop their set of baby teeth, they should be seeing the dentist to ensure proper oral health. But because children often have different levels of anxiety related to the dentist, as well as different individual needs, it takes a special area of dentistry to be able to handle them. As

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Interview Tips for Dental Assistant Jobs

Whether you’re experienced in the dental industry or applying for your first position, the interview process never seems to get any easier. Aspiring dental assistants, in particular, can experience a lot of uncertainty when going into their first interview—making it crucial that they prepare themselves beforehand. So if you’re looking to apply for this position,

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What Is the Role of Orthodontic Assistants

Like dentists, who are responsible for the overall health of their patients’ mouths, orthodontists are crucial to the dentistry industry. Dealing with the alignment of a person’s jaw and teeth, orthodontists perform crucial procedures that correct their bite and general dental comfort. Due to the demand within this area of the industry, orthodontists require assistants

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